About GJHR Journal Review

The Global Justice and Human Rights Journal Review is an open-access academic journal publishing peer-reviewed commentaries and facilitating broad discussion. GJHR Journal Review operates on a free, non-profit basis. There are no fees charged to anyone for anything.

The goal of the GJHR Journal Review is to provide a forum for commentary on articles published in peer-reviewed journals, and books, in related fields. In this way, the journal seeks to augment the existing system of scholarly publication.

Short commentaries (1000-2000 words) may be submitted by anyone. (See Instructions for Authors.)

Commentaries are subject to a double-blind peer review process. Authors whose work has been the target of GJHR Journal Review commentary have a standing invitation to respond. Responses will be desk edited and published in GJHR Journal Review.

GJHR Journal Review is co-edited by Amit Ron and Heather Smith-Cannoy from Arizona State University’s Global Human Rights Hub. You can reach the Editors at: editors@gjhr.org

GJHR Journal Review is published by the non-profit Journal Review Foundation of the Americas. It is modeled on the Business Ethics Journal Review, which was founded and edited by Chris MacDonald and Alexei Marcoux.


All GJHR Journal Review authors retain copyright in their work, including the right to print, distribute, and republish. The Editors of GJHR Journal Review retain only the right of first publication and the right to anthologize. Anyone wishing to license or republish anything from GJHR Journal Review should contact the author of the work in question. The Editors are happy to help you contact authors.