v1 n5: Grabs Responds to Bennett on Voluntary Sustainability Certifications

Moving Forward on the Point of Voluntary Sustainability Certifications, by Janina Grabs

AN INVITED RESPONSE TO Bennett, E. A. 2021. Voluntary Sustainability Certifications: What is the Point? Global Justice and Human Rights Journal Review 1(4), 18-23.


In her review, Bennett asks ‘what is the point’ of voluntary sustainability standards, if it is not to improve sustainability on the ground. While my book’s problem-solving approach did not yield itself to answering this question, I introduce some recent answers to this question that is currently discussed in a vibrant academic debate. In addition, I defend the usefulness of voluntary simplicity as a way forward and suggest two additional future research streams that may help to tackle systemic sustainability problems in global commodity trade.

To download the full PDF, click here: Grabs Responds to Bennett


Janina Grabs is Assistant Professor of Business and Society at Universitat Ramon Llull, ESADE Business School. Email: janina.grabs@esade.edu